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We provide prompt and accurate electroencephalogram (EEG) testing on site to optimize comfort and care for our patients. We specialize in patients with unique medical challenges, such as: pseudo-seizures, autism, cerebral palsy, neurological diseases, genetic syndromes, cardiac issues, etc. Our registered technicians are also able to identify seizures on an EEG.

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Experience in All Settings

We have extensive experience with patients in all settings, including: the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Pediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Experience in carotid surgery monitoring, evoked potentials (EPs), autonomic testing, sleep studies, sedation, and brain death protocols.

We are familiar with normal and abnormal EEG variants, all stages of sleep, apneic events, focal and generalized seizures, focal and paroxysmal spikes, burst suppression, and normal cardiac rhythms.

Registered and Well Trained Staff

Our staff cares about serving our patients and physicians with the best quality care and testing in central Indiana. All of our registered EEG technicians are trained-in and certified-in the State of Indiana. In Home Neurodiagnostics has three reading physicians on staff including: two epileptologists and one epileptologist with additional pediatric training.

One or more of our employees have worked for or completed rotations in the top Indiana hospitals such as: Methodist, Riley Hospital for Children, St. Vincent of Indianpolis, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, Community Hospitals, The VA, IU West, IU North, and Saxxony.

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